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K1 Adult Karting Neck Collar

K1 Adult Karting Neck Collar

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If you race go-karts, then you need a karting neck collar. Whether you compete in local competition or at the national or international level, a neck brace can prevent severe injury in the event of an accident, and should be considered a crucial safety component. Any amount of bracing can prevent over-extension of the neck, and in turn, prevent breakage which can lead to paralysis or death. Knowing this, what are you waiting for? Take it from us, your life is worth far more than $35.

Put simply, if you race go-karts, you have no reason not to invest in a karting neck collar. Our K1 Race Gear neck brace can meet all of your needs at an affordable price, and it has been built with convenience and practicality in mind. Stop taking unnecessary risks; order one today.

Introducing Our K1 Karting Neck Collar

We have designed, developed, and manufactured our go-kart racing neck collar with driver comfort and driver safety in mind. Featuring an anatomically designed rear helmet support which provides both comfort and safety while driving, and a Velcro fastener for easy removal, our karting neck collars are effective, efficient, and convenient. As an added benefit, our neck braces are also machine-washable; simply undo the zipper for easy removal of the padding and wash your neck collar as needed.

Our K1 Race Gear neck braces provide a number of benefits, including:

  • Added protection for neck and collar bone
  • Helps prevent over-extension of the neck in accidents
  • Helps prevent over-compression of the neck in accidents
  • Comfortable padding for additional safety
  • Velcro fastening for ease of use
  • Machine-washable for ease of maintenance

What are you waiting for? If you have not yet purchased a karting neck collar whether you're new to competition or have to replace an existing one, do so now. In many racing leagues, neck braces are required safety equipment, and in those leagues that don't require them, we highly recommend them. After all, you wouldn't race a kart without your helmet why would you without a neck brace?

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