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Kartlift Frame Support Kit

Kartlift Frame Support Kit

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The Frame Support kit is designed to take most, if not all, the weight off the plastic rear bumpers when the kart is up, on the WinchLift LT and HD.  The Frame Support Kit consists primarily of the brackets that mount to the rear upright of the WinchLift and pick up on the underside of the kart chassis when the kart is on the stand.  The rear bumper is still used to lift the kart, but once the kart is up, the weight is borne primarily by the Frame Supports.  (Drilling into WinchLift is required for installation.)

Kit includes frame support brackets, 2 aligning guides plates, and necessary hardware to install.  Fits WinchLift LT & HD.

This kit does NOT work with Cadet sized chassis or other narrower chassis.  The width of the rear upright on the WinchLift dictates the location of the Frame Supports, so it is limited to full sized chassis.

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