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Kartlift Large Hook Kit for Plastic Bumper

Kartlift Large Hook Kit for Plastic Bumper

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Design updated for 2017.  These hooks are now standard on all models of KartLifts.  The new square off saddle allows steel tubular bumpers to sit securely in the valley, and eliminates the need for separate hooks for steel and plastic bumpers.  The 2017 design also features thicker and wider steel, and a better reinforcement bracket, increasing the lift of the hook set.

The Large hook kit provides a means for using a KartLift lifting kart stand with newer style plastic rear bumpers.  Compatible with all KartLifts and most rear bumpers.  Tested with KG, CRG, OTK, Birel, and many others.  Some modifications may be necessary to accommodate Righetti bumpers.

Kit includes 2 large hooks, 2 reinforcing plates, and necessary hardware to install.  Fits WinchLift, Pro KartLift, and older Electric Kartlift.

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