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Molecule Matte Helmet Care Kit

Molecule Matte Helmet Care Kit

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This specially-bundled kit from Competition Motorsport makes it easy and safe to keep your racing helmet in top condition, clean and fresh. The light-duty Matte Detailer spray is designed to keep your Matte helmet exterior shell clean. Safe to use on all finishes, including flat and matte. Refresher spray keeps the inside of your helmet clean, while Anti-Fog helps to keep the inside of your visor clear. Rain Repel is excellent at keeping the outside of your visor clear and making it easy to clean off debris, bugs, etc.


  • (1) Helmet MATTE DETAILER 4 oz.
  • (1) Helmet REFRESHER 4 oz.
  • (1) Helmet RAIN REPEL 4 oz.
  • (1) Helmet ANTI-FOG 4 oz.
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