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Sparco Futura Shoe

Sparco Futura Shoe

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The Sparco Futura shoe is a groundbreaking product in the racing industry, being the first Lifestyle Racing Shoe in the world to receive approval from both the FIA (Fédération Internationale de l'Automobile) and SFI (SFI Foundation Inc.). Here are some key features and technologies associated with the Futura shoe:

  1. Technology:

    • 1st Lifestyle Racing Shoe: The Futura shoe is designed to combine the style and comfort of a lifestyle shoe with the safety and performance required for racing.
    • Full Efficiency Regenerated Fabric: The shoe is constructed using Sparco Full Efficiency regenerated fabric, which is made up of 80% regenerated materials. This fabric is a result of Sparco's commitment to environmentally conscious manufacturing practices.
    • Ultra-Breathable Upper: The shoe features an ultra-breathable upper, providing ventilation and airflow to keep the feet cool during racing activities.
    • Cushioned Inner Sole: The Futura shoe incorporates a cushioned inner sole, enhancing comfort while walking around the pits or during extended periods of wear.
    • Full Rubber Outer Sole: The shoe is equipped with a full rubber outer sole that offers excellent grip on the pedals, ensuring precise control during racing maneuvers.
    • SFI and FIA Approved: The Sparco Futura shoe meets the safety standards set by both SFI (SFI 3.3/5) and FIA (FIA 8856-2018), ensuring its suitability for professional racing events.
  2. Sparco Full Efficiency:

    • Life Cycle Assessment (LCA) Certified: Sparco's Full Efficiency project involves a thorough Life Cycle Assessment (LCA) certification, which evaluates the environmental impact of the product throughout its lifecycle.
    • Regenerated Fiber Techniques: Sparco has developed innovative techniques for spinning and weaving regenerated fibers, allowing them to efficiently utilize excess materials that would typically be discarded.
    • Zero Waste Target: Sparco aims to achieve "zero waste" in their manufacturing process, reducing waste by regenerating and repurposing materials to create their products.
    • Environmentally Conscious Production Cycle: The Full Efficiency project reflects Sparco's commitment to creating a sustainable production cycle, with at least 51% of production materials being sourced from regenerated sources.

Overall, the Sparco Futura shoe combines safety, comfort, and style, making it an ideal choice for racing enthusiasts seeking a lifestyle shoe that meets the stringent requirements of professional racing organizations.

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