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Sparco K-Run Kart Racing Shoe

Sparco K-Run Kart Racing Shoe

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The Sparco K-Run is a breathable, lightweight karting shoe combining a soft matte printed upper with an ultra-breathable 3D mesh. The K-Run is printed with a tri-colored contrasting design and has a slim Velcro closure for ankle support. For greater grip and pedal sensitivity, the K-Run has an anatomic inner sole with a low back, allowing the heel to move freely while karting. An all-new ultralight, anti-slip outer sole which is also anti-static and oil resistant.   


  • Lightweight tri-color design
  • Maximum breathability
  • Unique matte-printed upper with 3D mesh
  • Anatomic inner sole
  • Elastic heel support
  • New high-grip outer sole
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