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Sparco RW-7 Nomex Pants

Sparco RW-7 Nomex Pants

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The RW-7 line of garments offers a balanced blend of comfort and safety. Made from a mixture of soft fibers, the seamless undershirts and long underpants include raglan sleeves for superior coziness. The supple fabric molds closely to the body shape, though one size bigger is recommended for a looser fit.  The RW-7 series is treated with Sparco's X-Cool technology, which not only cools the driver, but also fights bacterial build-up, and is FIA 8856-2018 certified. Constructed with lightweight materials and often reinforced with Kevlar panels, the RW-7 Nomex Pants keep you protected while remaining comfortable. The high-quality fabric ensures a secure and breathable fit, and Sparco's X-Cool technology helps to regulate temperature while providing anti-bacterial protection. FIA 8856-2018 certification means the RW-7 Pants meet the highest standards of safety and performance.




  • Newest FIA rating - FIA 8856-2018

  • Seamless stretchable Nomex in key areas for mobility

  • Designed for comfort in a driving position

  • Minimal external seams increase driver comfort


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