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Stacker Multi Level Table Top 2020-Newer

Stacker Multi Level Table Top 2020-Newer

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The Streeter Super Stands Stacker Mulit-Level Table Top fits every level of your stacker!  Awesome for optimum storage and work surface solutions.  We use ours (shown in photo) daily and have really put it to the test- and they've been such a handy feature now for our team.

Streeter Super Stands Table Tops are a must have item for owners of Double or Triple Stackers.  Why push your stacker off to the side once you get to the track or back to the shop?  Now with the easily installed (and easily removed) Stacker Table Top, You can utilize your Stacker as a work bench, storage unit, display or even as a serving area for your trackside cookout.  Made from durable and easily cleaned 0.100 guage aluminum, the Stacker Table Top will be one pit item you truly will call convenient.  The top fits any level of standard 2019 and newer (see information below)  sprint version Streeter Double & Triple Stackers and can be safely utilized or stored during transport. Great for use at the track, at home or shop.
We had three of the new Multi-Level Table Tops on our Triple Stacker during our last big race event and safe to say, they worked great for storage and also as a work surface.  To assure that you are ordering the correct top for your stacker, it is crucial to read the important information below and follow all instructions on measuring your existing stacker.

Due to the substantial size and weight of this item we must charge additional UPS

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