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Stilo HANS Zero Head Restraint

Stilo HANS Zero Head Restraint

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The Stilo HANS Zero combines the best of the Simpson's HANS development group with a fresh Italian design engineered in partnership with Italian helmet manufacturer Stilo. The result is the absolute extreme in weight saving along with HANS proven safety technology to create the lightest, most comfortable HANS Device ever.

Using proprietary techniques and aerospace grade carbon fiber, the Stilo HANS Zero is 15% lighter than the HANS Ultra Lite (now the next-lightest HANS on the market). SFI 38.1 certified and FIA 8858 approved. Made in America.

NOTE: 30o Layback, size Medium only (which we've tested and works in both open and closed cars). Give Competition Motorsport a call at (844) 438-7244 for more details.

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