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Stilo ST5.1 GT Offshore Composite Helmet SA2020

Stilo ST5.1 GT Offshore Composite Helmet SA2020

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Stilo ST5.1 GT Offshore Composite Helmet SA2020

Stilo ST5.1 GT Offshore -- The Legend Returns

The Stilo ST5.1 GT Offshore SA2020 helmet carries over everything that made the Stilo ST5 GT one of the most-loved helmets in motorsports. Featuring the same tall eyeport and iconic side ports of the previous generation, the ST5.1 GT from Stilo is worth getting excited about. The Offshore version, with its easy-to-spot bright orange shell, is already wired up for communications through the left-side port.

One of the great things about Stilo GT Series helmets is their adjustability using Stilo helmet padding. Crown padding, cheek padding and different ear muff sizes are all available to customize the fit of your Stilo helmet.


Stilo GT Helmets Feature Unrivaled Features and Flexibility

The Stilo ST5.1 GT Offshore Composite is unsurpassed in built-in flexibility. Each of its two side ports can be fitted with one of three different types of integrated communication electronics, forced air, or a hydration system. Thanks to its innovative shell design, mounting and routing these options to the Stilo ST5.1 GT Offshore is sleek and seamless. When not in use, you don't even know the features are there. Stilo offers simply the best modular racing helmet on the market.

This helmet includes communications pre-installed in the left port.

Stilo ST5.1 GT SA2020 Offshore Composite Helmet Orange Details:

  • Manufacturer: Stilo
  • Manufacturer part number: DA0702BF2T
  • Color: Orange
  • Homologation: Snell SA2020
  • Shield lock position: center
  • Replaceable cheek pads: yes
  • Noise attenuating earmuffs: yes
  • Sizes: XS to XXXL (54cm to 64cm)

A Note on Stilo Sizing:

We have found that customers who wear a 59cm helmet in other brands are most comfortable in a 60cm Stilo ST5.1 GT Composite, which uses the larger shell size.

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