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Stilo ST5 Visor FIA8860-2018 ABP

Stilo ST5 Visor FIA8860-2018 ABP

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Compatible only with Stilo ST5 FIA 8860-2018 ABP helmets.

Stilo offers a wide variety of visor color and tint options, covering all racing conditions, for the Stilo ST5 FIA 8860-2018 ABP helmets. These visors all have an anti-fog and anti-scratch coating1, and are made to fit your Stilo ST5 ABP helmet perfectly.

Since 2019, the most stringent FIA 8860-2018-ABP (Advanced Ballistic Protection) helmet standard has been in effect for Formula 1. This latest standard builds frontal penetration protection into the helmet shell. The new FIA standard drove Stilo engineers to design and develop the Stilo ST5 FIA8860-2018ABP, along with this new shield design. While looking very similar to the standard Stilo ST5 visor, there is a slight shape difference.

(The Zylon strip used prior to the FIA 8860-2019 ABP standard is available for use on other Stilo ST5 helmets. It must be purchased with a new ST5 visor and built by Stilo. It can not be installed by the end user.)

Stilo ST5 Visor FIA8860-2018 ABP Details:

  • Manufacturer: Stilo
  • Qty in kit: one (1) visor
  • Visor stocking bag included: Yes
  • Fits Stilo ST5 FIA8860-2018 ABP helmets: Yes
  • Fits any other Stilo helmet: No
  • ABP is an Acronym for Advanced Ballistic Protection in the latest FIA F1 standard

Stilo ST5 Visor FIA8860-2018ABP Part Number List:

  • YA0800ABP Clear
  • YA0801ABP Smoked Medium 
  • YA0802ABP Smoked Dark 
  • YA0803ABP Silver Mirror Medium
  • YA0804ABP Silver Mirror Dark 
  • YA0805ABP Iridium Blue Medium 
  • YA0806ABP Iridium Blue Dark 
  • YA0807ABP Iridium Red Medium 
  • YA0808ABP Iridium Red Dark

1 Anti-fog/anti-scratch visors require special care. Only use Stilo Visor Cleaner. Do not use Windex or other glass cleaner containing ammonia as this can harm the anti-scratch coating on the outside of the visor and the anti-fog coating on the inside.

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